Tips for Carefully Selecting and Organizing Bathroom Lighting

Luxurious Bathroom with Exotic Bathroom LightingWater, as a good conductor of electricity, could cause a short-circuit. We often forget this when choosing lighting for bathrooms. Bathrooms need a special light; at least it must be resistant to high humidity. Better yet, if it is also resistant to water splashes .

The bathroom has areas with different levels of humidity. Shower area can be more humid than the sink and toilet area. So this area needs a light that is more resistant to moisture. The light we are talking about includes the light bulbs, electrical components, and lamp shade.

To know that the light is resistant to water and moisture, see whether it has an Ingress Protection (IP) or not. IP is an international standard code. For electronic products or relating to electricity, the IP can show that the product is resistant to water and moisture.

Light with IP is relatively expensive, but safety is assured. Then, what about those who do not have quiet big budgets? A careful bathroom light placement s is the solution. Avoid placing lights in areas that are frequently exposed to water splashes. If necessary, make sure the lampshade is safe enough to protect the light from splashing water.

As we know, water and electricity are two elements that cannot be put together at all. Therefore, it is necessary to have appropriate systems and materials for organizing bathroom lights. For instance, the light bulb should have a protective part which protects it from water splashes and moisture. Or, keep the light switch away from the water source.

In general, there are two bathroom lighting tricks you can apply. The first one is a thorough lighting to illuminate the bathroom. This can be fitted to a single point of light in the middle of the room. One light bulb hanging in the middle of the room will give a dramatic effect when combined with some lights affixed in some corners of the wall. The lights of the wall can be in the form of antique lights, or contemporary lights which look light.

The main lighting can also be applied in the form of a halogen lights which are spread in the middle and some corners of the ceiling with certain distances. Halogen lights have the advantage of emitting white light and providing a clean and fresh sparkling effect.

The second trick is through the lighting for the mirror and the sink. You can install a small tungsten lamp or halogen lamp placed hidden. The clean reflection of the light will create a sparkling effect to the walls.

If possible, also consider the natural lighting in the bathroom. This natural light can save energy and provide a pleasant effect. Its application can be done by creating an open ceiling in a third of the space. If the bathroom is located on the upper floor level, you can give a wide window that leads to certain views, such as parks. Openings such as windows bring natural light and fresh atmosphere into the bathroom.

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