Tips for Cool Homes in a Tropical Climate Area

Modern Minimalist Tropical Home DesignThe ideal home is a home that feels comfortable when occupied with family. One criteria of a comfortable home is the home doesn’t feel hot. Then, how to make a comfortable home like this when you live in a tropical country?

To deal with the hot air temperature in a tropical house design, we can do several things such as making a well-planned air circulation system. With this system, the fresh air will always fill every part of the house. The key to designing a house with good air exchange can be done by responding to the tropical climate. By responding to the climate, we can apply the design to make the air enter the house smoothly, while the sun as a heat source can be a bit blocked.

There are at least four important concepts that must be followed to create a cool tropical home design: the layout, spacing, opening, and room organization. If these four concepts can be applied, the house will feel very comfortable because it has a very good air circulation system, even if we do not use an air conditioner.

The tropical climate can be responded by building a house following the layout of the house or the room arrangement. The tropical home layout will determine how much energy will be used. The longest side of the house should not be facing the direction the sun rises or sets. The longest side should be facing north or south so that the sun’s heat is not absorbed into the house. By making the correct tropical home plan, the heat is reduced by 50%.

The humid tropical climate makes the air move at a low speed, so it only causes a slight breeze. This situation needs to be responded by making a distance between our house with the surrounding neighbors’. Ideally, a home is located in the middle of the land location so we can leave an empty area at the front, right, left, and back sides of the land. With such circumstances, the air can move freely around the house and eventually can cool the air temperature within the house.

To bring the fresh air into the home we will need maximum openings around the house. It is suggested maximizing the openings in the south or north part based on the direction of the wind comes. When the wind comes from the south, you should respond it with optimal openings along the south part of the house. You can install large doors starting from the entrance to the back part of the house.

Room organization
Areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should be placed in the western area as a buffer zone to protect the middle room from solar radiation. The heat of the sun from the west also serves to keep the area remains dry and free from fungus due to high humidity. The buffer zone in the eastern area can be a maid’s room, living room, or bedroom. These rooms need morning sunshine to clear the space of germs and maintain the health of the rooms as well.

Those are what you need to consider before building your dream tropical home design. Plan everything thoroughly until you get the best tropical house idea. Good luck.

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