Tips in Designing and Maintaining a Minimalist Garden

Minimalist Garden Design IdeaNowadays there are many homeowners design a garden with a minimalist concept, either because of the limited land or the current trend. How to do that? Here are some tips to design a minimalist garden which may help you.

Creating a minimalist garden
When creating a minimalist garden, it is suggested that you consider the aspects of health, comfort, and beauty. Those are the things which make your minimalist garden design look in a harmony with your minimalist home design. The garden should provide a cool and fresh effect so that the house doesn’t feel airless and hot.

A minimalist garden design is very useful for those who work a whole day. They can relax their tired muscles while sitting at the gazebo, enjoying a beautiful garden view which is relaxing and calming. A minimalist green garden is also needed in a minimalist home to avoid the impression of cold and monotonous house. A garden with a pond can be an alternative for your design. In addition to making the atmosphere fresh and cool, the pond can also function to be the water resource for the garden plants. You can also put a fountain around the pond to add more beauty to the minimalist garden.

Furthermore, the sound of water is good for the physiological condition for the family members. The fog created from the fountain functions to keep the humidity in your house. For you who live in a city with a high air temperature, you must need this garden.

Tips to maintain a minimalist garden
How to keep a minimalist garden stay beautiful and well maintained? Here are several tips in taking care for a minimalist garden.

  • Classify existing plants in the garden, for example, separate plants that need water the most and plants that do not require much water. This will help you in caring for and watering the garden.
  • To make it easier in maintaining the garden, you can choose plants that grow slowly. You will find it easier to control the plants then. Also choose plants with leaves which are strong and not easy to fall so you do not need to sweep the garden too often.
  • If you want to trim the branches and twigs of the plant, choose the branches and twigs with thick stems so that the plants’ growth becomes slower. It is intended to make the leaves and twigs grow straight up dynamically.

Basically, a minimalist garden is suitable for a minimalist house as well since a garden is a house accessory which strengthens the character of the house itself.

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