Tips in Marketing Property Through Estate Agents

Couple and Esate AgentTo market your property, you need to use the services of property agents or estate agents in order to make the marketing process much easier and effective. You can use the services of property agents to withdraw your confidence and gain the sympathy of the client that the client is willing to buy or rent your property. The role of a property agent  in the property business world is enormous.

You as the owner of the property business will also benefit from the use of property agency services. One is the property agent understands the market conditions very well. Your property agent  must have had a far wider knowledge of the property market when compared with you. Call it a matter of current property price, buyer conditions, terms, and targeted marketing. By using the services of property agents, you can save time, thought, and energy.

There are three types of property agents; traditional / individual, non-franchise, and franchise property agents. You can choose one of them to help marketing your property. We recommend that you choose the right type of property agent so that your property business grows faster. But clearly you should consider a few things like professionalism, honesty, physical appearance, and extensive knowledge about the property market that must exist on a property agent.

The commission for a property agent varies depending on the transaction system that you apply. For cash, a property agent will usually get a commission of 3 percent of property purchase. Meanwhile, for lease property transaction, a property agent will earn a commission of 5 percent of the transaction value. Surely this commission percentage can be changed according to the agreement made by you and the property agent who works with you. And the new commission will be paid if the transaction or lease has been done.

Make sure that you trust your property marketing on only one property agent. The reason is, first, a property agent who has exclusive rights to the marketing of your property will be much more focused and will continue to be committed to you because of the great responsibility that you give. Secondly, if you do not entrust the task of marketing the property on one agent and you share the task with other property agents, your first agent might do the job not optimally because he/she feels that there are other property agents who are ready to help you market property. Third, using more than one property agents will be very vulnerable to problems including the issue of the division of commissions and client seizure by each agent.

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