Tips on Bathroom Position Based on Feng Shui

Luxury Big Bathroom Design IdeaAccording Feng Sui, the most important parts of a building are the entrance, bedroom, and kitchen. The entrance serves as an access to enter the house.

The quality of the energy coming into the house is determined by the quality of the sector and direction of that entrance. Meanwhile, the bedroom – as a place for the family members to spend much of their time relaxed, silent, or rested – makes the energy inside that space has a big effect to the house occupants.

On the other hand, the kitchen is the source of energy inside the house because stoves lay there. If there is something wrong related to the position of the kitchen and the placement of the stoves, there will be a strong enough bad effect for the occupants.

Then, how about the bathroom layout? Although the bathroom doesn’t belong to the three most important parts in a house, it still should be considered. There are several important notes related to the bathroom layout according to Feng Sui:

  1. The bathroom should not be located in the center of the building sector.
  2. The toilets must not lead directly to the door of the bathroom. The common understanding which is found in the society is that toilets must not lead to the road (the front of the house). It is just not true.
  3. The bathroom can be placed under the stairs, to the extent there is adequate ventilation.
  4. Avoid positioning the bathroom door directly opposite with a bed and a kitchen.
  5. Although it sounds cliché, it is very important to note the cleanliness of the bathroom. Many people realize and understand it, but underestimate it. The odor from the bathroom will damage the surrounding energy.

However, if you use the approach of San Yuan Feng Shui, the proper bathroom layout can only be done after knowing the right direction toward building (how many degrees) and the construction of the building. It is because from both these data it can be determined the energy map of a building.

In principle, the bathroom should be placed on the sector in which the energy is bad. Why? It is because someone will be in the bathroom just for a minute or within a short time.

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