Tips on Choosing Office Office Building According to Feng Shui

Modern Office DesignThe trend of working in office towers continues to increase along with the improved economic growth. On the other hand, there are many new office towers built which provide flexibility for customers to choose the office in accordance to the criteria and tastes.

Office as a source of business activities should be selected properly to provide optimal benefit for the company. Thus, consideration on the ease of access, either the distance or travel time, the completeness means of support, ease of parking, and so forth become very important. Even the time needed to wait for the elevator also needs to be taken into account for the sake of your business.

In addition to the things above, you might want to know the Feng Shui rules for offices. Along with the development of information on the science of Feng Shui which is authentic, there are more and more corporations apply the Feng Shui principles for the offices, starting from how to choose the ideal office building, office floor, up to how to organize the work space.

Here are several tips you need to consider when choosing office units based on Feng Shui:

1 . Building Location
The location of the office building will have an impact on its occupants. Therefore, you need to choose the location thoroughly. The first criterion is the shape of the building itself. A solid and dynamic shaped building would be the best choice, while you need to avoid building with an unbalanced, unstable, or incomplete impression.

In addition, it is important to consider the shape of the street, canals, or buildings around the office so that you can obtain positive Chi. The centrifugal effect caused by buildings that are in the curved position can be harmful.

The rules of Feng Shui suggest that you choose buildings located in the arms of streets or canals. On the other hand, the building shape of neighbors’ should also be considered carefully because it can trigger the negative Chi.

2 . Open Space
After getting a building shape which is in accordance to the rules of Feng Shui, the next step is to consider open space in front of the building’s main entrance. The size of the open space should be proportional towards the building. Other things should be consider are adequate natural lights and the shape of canopy which is appropriate with the main entrance position.

3 . Lobby
The volume and amount of light in the lobby are necessary to note. A too small lobby cannot accommodate adequate Chi for the whole occupants. It will result on not optimal productivity of occupants. Therefore, the size of the lobby space must be proportional to the size of the building.

4 . Division of Space
You should pay attention to the positive sector of the building. Adjust it to your need as occupants by applying the Feng Shui calculation method, either the San He or San Yuan stream. Thus, you can get the positive effect of the presence of the office unit towards the company performance.

Furthermore, the division of space should be regulated in such a manner in accordance to human patterns of key persons of the company. The decision makers need to obtain a positive space because the accuracy of decision making is very important. While the accounting and bookkeeping that requires a high level of accuracy need to get a space which gives a nice concentration effect. Meanwhile, the marketing that requires a harmonious relationship with the consumer need space that can provide positive effects for networking, teamwork and public relations.

All this can be achieved by performing Feng Shui authentic calculation is based on the classic formula.

This is what we can share today. Now let’s save the earth, optimize your earth luck, be equilibrium.

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