Tips on Family Room Designs

Modern Family Room Design IdeaA family room plays an important role in a house so that it room should be accessible. To make it easy to access, we need to design the zones of the family room first.

If your house is not quite big, you can design your family room in the middle of your house. In this way parents can monitor their kids directly. It would be better if the family room is made close to the kitchen so that the dining activity can be done easily. In addition, the electronic devices such as television should be put in the family room so that it can be an entertainment for the family.

The activity pattern of the family members influences the zone designs. The relaxing zone in the family room is designed in one room. Generally it is a bit private area in which the family members gather, play, or watch television. The lighting, furniture selection, and color also influence the atmosphere of the family room.

The circulation space of the family room can be designed by considering from where the room would be accessed; starting from the entrance, living room, and finally family room. In addition to being closed to the kitchen, a family room should also be closed to the bedroom, garden, and stairs.

When the position of the family room has been determined, the movement in the new space can be arranged. The circulation arrangement will be easier if the room is positioned at the corner of the room. However, in general, a family room is in the middle of the room so that the arrangement of furniture in it also plays an important role.

Sitting area such as a sofa or carpet is compulsory furniture in the family room, along with other additional object such as table and television. The family room should also be flexible to be used for a variety of activities. Thus, children’s toys, computers, or piano can be out in this room.

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