Tips on Good Working Drawings of Home Designs

Architectural Working DrawingWhen you are going to build a new home, add some rooms, or renovate your home, you will need a working drawing of your home design. If you have an experience in architectural designs, you can create your own working drawing easily. Yet, if you don’t have any idea about it, you need to ask architects to help making it for you.

Some companies offer a full service package, which includes the working drawing, cost estimation services, and supervision up to implementation services. Other companies offer a discounted package or bundle that allows you to purchase a package that consists of several designs at once with a cheaper price.

But in principle, when you decide to buy a working drawing, make sure it is designed by a professional architect. A good home working drawing should explain the following elements:

  1. The exterior look of the building, including the front, back, and side of the house.
  2. The height of the floor, the size of the stretch, and the connection between the roof and the buffer.
  3. Details of the picture showing the position and type of windows, doors, and stairs.
  4. They system of construction, foundation, roof, and floor.
  5. Roof plan and its frame structure.
  6. Diagram plan showing the electrical, sanitation, and air conditioning system.
  7. General plan giving details about the house and the location where the house will be built.

You can find many examples of home designs with good quality from articles on the internet or magazine. You may find a lot of interesting idea you can apply for your home. Then, share that idea to your architect so that he/she can understand your needs and wishes.

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