Tips on How to Apply Black for Bathrooms

Elegant Black White BathroomChoosing white, cream, yellow, or blue in the bathroom is a common thing done by homeowners. However, what if you choose black as an accent color decorating the bathroom?

Black is a dominant color that is not easy to use. However, black is also able to provide its own uniqueness. Well, why you don’t try to start using it?

Just like other colors, black also has a variety of different shades. You can search by color shades closest to your needs and desires.

Some black shades with a little mixture of blue or purple will create a colder black. This color will be suitable if you want to mix it with a variety of different colors and textures. Here are some tips to use the color black in your bathroom:

Some parts of the walls

First, you can use black color only on some parts of your bathroom wall. For example, use this color to paint two wall parts that form an angle with each other. For other parts of the wall, use paint with a lighter color, or white marble with dark streaks.

 Quantity of light 
For those of you who want to use more black in the bathroom, make sure that the space has adequate natural lathing during the daytime. This method is a way to make the bathroom not look and feel dark.

In addition, the use of large mirrors can also help reflecting the light to all parts of the room. Also, make sure you use a lighter color for the ceiling, such as white or light gray .

Color gradation
Combine the gradation of black with grey to make your bathroom feel more dynamic. In addition to color gradation, also use various materials with different textures.

 Limit the use of black
If you are not confident with the use of black color, limit its use only on the bathroom floor and a little part of the wall. Use the white color which is much brighter for the rest.

Those are some tips which is useful when you want to apply the color black for your bathroom. Having a black bathroom design is no longer something needs to be avoided.

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