Tips on How to Build a Garden Pond

Infinity Pond and White HomeA garden pond design can change any garden landscape. Besides adding calmness, ponds can also provide a focal point that is eye-catching. Similarly, when added with some plants and fish, the pond in the garden complements the beauty of your home.

Where should you build the pond?
Do not position the pond at the lowest point of the garden as it will accommodate flood during the rainy season. As a result, it will not only cause flood, but the rain water also pollute the pond water. As we know, rainwater will bring some dirt and debris from the garden to the bottom of the pond.

Furthermore, do not position the pond under a large tree because this tree will periodically shed its leaves, making it difficult to keep the pond clean. If necessary, you can seal the edge of the pond with stones to anticipate the entrance of plants and debris into the water.

If the pond is built with a fairly flat landscape with no shade from the sun, you can plant some crops higher than the edge of the pond. It is useful to keep the water temperature in the pond remains cool. It also can be a shade from the hot weather.

Pumps and water filters
Make sure that you have a good pump and filtration system since it is important for any pond, especially if you want to keep the fish and aquatic plants in it. How do they work? Pumps are very useful to make the water move and to supply the oxygen. While the filters play a role in the waste treatment for the pond.

In the filter there are several components that allow the beneficial bacteria to live so that the filter functions to take care of your garden pond biota. When the dirt \ stuck in the filter starts to accumulate and release toxins into the water, at the same time the bacteria helps break down toxins so that it doesn’t get caught in the filter. Nevertheless, do not forget about the pumps and filters water treatment. The prime condition of the pump and filter is very important for the pond hygiene and owners’ health. Check and clean the filter and water pump on regularly.

If you do not like the idea of ​​the use of pumps and water filters, consider the river to make a pattern or add some sort of tiny waterfalls as one element of your pond. Waterfall enables the addition of oxygen to the pond as the water fall into the pond. However, to allow water to flow from the top of the waterfall, you will also need a water pump, yet it is can be placed separated from the park area.

If you are still confused on the garden pool design plan, seek professional’s advice. They can also show the appropriate diameter size, pump power, and filter for the pond. And, set enough budgets to buy the best quality equipment.

Finding the right aquatic plants
Aquatic plants have a wide range of types and its position in the water; they can sink and float on the surface. Unfortunately, some aquatic plants also offer shelter and protection for pond wildlife which will destroy fish life.

One thing that you need to always remember, before adding the fish in the pond it is better to adapt the water plants to grow really well. Only then you can put them into the pond.

Also, you can add gravels on the pond ground when adding plants. Gravel can stop any disturbance from the soil to the plant. Do not forget to wash the gravels before putting them on the ground.

Avoid using chemicals to stimulate plant growth (as well as insecticides and weed killers). It can harm fish and other wildlife in and around the pond.

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