Tips on How to Create a Warm Minimalist Interior Design

Contemporary Natural Minimalist Bedroom DesignThe most common criticisms we hear about a minimalist interior design is that the atmosphere in the house tends to be cold, monotonous, or not interesting. Such criticism often comes from people with no interest in a minimalist style who eventually are not able to enjoy the unique atmosphere in the minimalist interior. However, sometimes our efforts to be minimalist can move the warm atmosphere out of our house. Since we are too concerned on eliminating things we consider as not functional, we forget about the needs of the aesthetic value from light ornaments that actually can enhance the cozy atmosphere in the minimalist interior. In fact, our living room doesn’t have to look like a really formal office.

Today we share some ways to improve the comfort of the minimalist home interior without having to add a lot of stuff:

  1. Choose natural materials. If you have few pieces of furniture and home decoration, you can add natural materials which can provide a warm atmosphere into your minimalist interior. For instance, you can use reclaimed wood table and wool rugs.
  2. Add textures. This is a great way to add a visual attraction, especially with a monochromatic color scheme. A hand-knitted chunky, a wool nubby, or a finely hammered metal bowl is an elegant alternative to add more value to your minimalist house.
  3. Decorate with natural materials. You do not need to visit any store to by the materials for home décor. Use materials which can be found from the nature to decorate a minimalist interior, for example plants, wooden sticks, flowers, or unique stones you have found when you’re hiking or at the beach. Those things are cheap, even free, and you will get a beautiful natural atmosphere in your house.
  4. Use light as a decoration. During the day, open the curtain widely to maximize the natural light entering the house. At night, some candles can provide a fascinating romantic light.
  5. Use colors. Painting the easiest way to turn a room without adding a lot of things, even the walls with monochrome colors can produce a dramatic effect. However, if you are a fan of white walls, you can still put the accents color of your choice through practical accessories, such as pillows, placemats, towels, or fabric upholstery.
  6. Choose vintage or recycled materials. Besides being more environmentally friendly, these materials will add more value to your space when there are objects with a certain historical value.
  7. Use glass bottles or jars. In addition to serving as a place to store, glass bottles or jars can add more aesthetic value to the room. In fact, you can fill this container with foods that can be eaten like nuts, coffee, pasta, pastries, and other various types of snacks that have a unique color and texture as an element of decoration.
  8. Use personal items. Things which are full of meaning such as personal photos, artwork, or travel souvenirs will certainly far more interesting than what you bought in the store decor. The key is in the arrangement. The spotlights then function to give a focus so that the object would be more eye-catching.

To sum up, you do not need to add stuff or heavy furniture to get the warmth in your minimalist interior. An empty room with wood floors and a single flower vase could be really fun if arranged correctly. Once again, you have to pick your decor items carefully. Use your feeling and start believing that a minimalist interior home design is not always monotonous, and cold.

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