Tips on How to Design a Baby Nursery Room

Minimalist Baby Room IdeaBabies who sleep in a separate room might later become more independent because they get used to sleep without anyone accompanying them. If the babies have their own bedroom, their goods will become more hygienic since they are not put together with other goods. The other function of a nursery room is as an area to play, to change diapers, to eat, and store a variety of babies’ needs. Due to the babies’ physical ability, we need a special baby bedroom design. Here are several things to consider when we want to design a baby nursery room in our house.

Place the nursery in a strategic area
Because our baby cannot care for himself yet, then his room should be placed in a strategic area so parents and other people can hear if the baby is crying and can control the activities carried by the baby or toddler. It is important not to place the nursery close to the room that would cause noise, such as the kitchen. Noise can disrupt sleep and make babies restless which can interfere with babies’ growth.

Lighting and air circulation
Pediatricians or nurses will recommend letting babies get morning sun. Morning sun is good for our baby’s bone growth. So, make the baby’s room has enough natural lighting and good air circulation as well. This will make the nursery feel much comfortable and prevent the proliferation of bacteria, so that the baby can grow healthily.

Furniture in the nursery
Furniture that is placed in the baby’s room should be adjusted to the needs of the baby. The common nursery furniture is cribs, dressers to store babies’ clothes, and chairs to support your activities while in the nursery. Do not forget to add a mosquito net on the box to protect baby from mosquito and insect bites. Since babies should be protected from the use of drugs or lotion of insect repellent, mosquito nets then become the answer to protecting babies.

For additional furniture, we can be place a crazenda to change diapers or change clothes in the bath, sofa for breastfeeding, CD player or MP3 player to listen to classical music. Toy or painting can be placed in the baby’s room to train the baby’s motor development than as a decoration for a room.

Nursery color
Paint color or wallpaper which is perfect for nurseries is pastel colors that are the result of a mixture of primary colors and white. Pastel colors create the impression of a quiet and gentle atmosphere which can stimulate the motor nerves of babies. Colors that are too dark or too bright like red, purple, dark blue, orange should be avoided because it can make the baby fears.

In addition to a place for our baby, the baby nursery room should also be able to provide peace to rest, play, train, and stimulate our baby’s motor skills and brain. Thus, it is important to create a nursery design which is slightly different from other room designs inside the house.

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