Tips on How to Design a Kids’ Study Room

Red Kids' Room DesignA study room, or a study, provides a private space for kids to study, without any interfere. The study room interior design can be adjusted to the size of the house. If you have a limited space, you can make the study room adjacent or become one with the bedroom and make a minimalist kids’ study room design for this small space. However, if you have a quite large space, you can add supporting furniture to facilitate the kid when studying. The following are several things you should note in designing a good kids’ study room.

Room’s size
If you have a limited space, you can apply a minimalist concept with the floor space, i.e. you don’t need a desk and a chair which usually take much space, but simply need a mini table without any chair. Later, your kids can sit on the floor using any cushion or area rug or any seat pad that makes your kids feel comfortable when studying. If you want to use an area rug, choose the one based on your kids’ taste. For example, you can purchase an area rug with a picture of Superman, Ultra man, or Barbie. Meanwhile, if you have a quiet wide and large space, it is suggested that you put a desk along with the chair for your kids. Also place a bookshelf whether it is a wall mounted bookshelf or a freestanding bookshelf. An area rug would also be useful if your kids want to rest by laying down on the floor while reading.

In terms of color, choose the ones which are your kids’ favorite which are usually bright and colorful colors, e.g. pink for girls and blue for boys. They other preferred colors for kids are yellow, orange, green, and red. It is better to ask your kids first what colors they want for their study room walls. Let them decide and guide them later. It is intended to make your kids feel comfortable in their own study room since they are surrounded by their favorite things.

Manage the air circulation system in your kids’ study room as good as possible. There should be a window as an opening which can facilitate natural air changes. To add more comfort to your kids’ study room, you can install an air conditioner or a fan there.

Lighting system is also an important factor to create a comfortably kid’s study room. Make sure that there is adequate lighting in the room so that your kids can do their activity effectively, such as reading and writing. A room with inadequate lighting can reduce your kids’ mood to study and also harm their eyes. During the day time you can use the natural lighting from the sunlight. In doing so, it is better to place the chair and desk near the window to get adequate natural light during the day time. It also helps you maintaining the kids’ study room to be not humid and musty.

So, have you found any kid’s study room design idea? Whatever the style is, make sure that your kids feel comfortable studying in it. Good luck, parents.

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