Tips on How to Fix Uneven Walls

A Man Plastering WallRepairing a house and getting the desired results it is very enjoyable. The house looks more beautiful and not much money spent. Today we share tips to make over uneven walls. Follow the stages and become an expert in your own home.

Old houses usually have a problem with the wall, ranging from cracked wall, water seepage, and so on. These problems often arise due to weather factors, the environment, and some of which is the impact of the initial application of the material on the wall. One problem often encountered is uneven wall texture, which usually appears since the beginning of wall coating application, starting from brick, plaster, leveling compound, to paint. A process which is not optimal results in not neat walls.

The tools required to make over the uneven wall are spatula, iron brush, clean water, calcium, paint, and paint roll. What should be done then? Here are the stages:

  • Peel the paint layers. Use a putty knife to peel the layers on your wall. Peel it up until the plastering layer is visible.
  • Clean the surface of the wall. Clean any dust and dirt stuck on the wall. Dust and dirt found on the walls can interfere with adhesion of plaster that will be affixed to the walls.
  • Dampen the wall with water. It is intended to prevent cracks when you apply the wall plaster. In fact, wet wall will make the wall plaster not dry quickly and cracked.
  • Re-plaster the wall until the surface is even. You can use cement mixed with additives. Instant cement can also be an option.
  • Wall putty. As an alternative to make a perfect wall, you can use a mixture of milk (a type of calcium) and glue as the wall putty.
  • Repainting. After all the above steps are complete and the wall surface dries, do the painting. Choose any color you like. It depends on your tastes.

Replastering your old wall is one way to make the wall look smoother. For the case of uneven walls, it is usually an error occurs during the initial process of coating the walls, therefore it requires great care and precision. To ascertain whether the wall is even or not, we can use a flashlight or lamp. Without adequate lighting, we usually feel difficult to see clearly the texture of the wall, whether it is even or uneven. With the help of flashlights and lamps, any uneven wall spots will be seen more clearly. Good luck.

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