Tips on How to Keep the Bathroom Dry

Dry BathroomA bathroom, even the dry one, tends to be in a wet condition. Taking care of its cleanliness is an important thing which should be done regularly. Yet, in addition to cleaning the bathroom, there are four concepts to make bathroom floor and walls quick dry.

A divider of the wet area
The shower area should be separated using a divider so that it would not wet the area outside it. Use a shower curtain, a shower box or glasses as the divider. Also, make the floor in the shower area lower 10-10cm than the other area, at a slope of 10 in the direction of the drain so that the water can flow smoothly.

A door with air vents grilles

A bathroom should have a good air circulation system. Besides from the windows, the air can also be flown from under the door. You can do this by choosing a door with grilles at the bottom. So, although the door is closed, the air still can enter the room through the grilles. As a result, the air flow will make the floor dry quickly.

A path for the water flow

We often decorate the bathroom with corals sprinkled on the floor. In order to keep the floor dry, you should not merely sprinkle the stones on the floor. Stones which are wet because of the water will take a long time to be dry because the water still stays on the sidelines of the stones. Make a path for the water, a sort of a small ditch, which floor position is lower than the surrounding. With this separation, the bathroom floor will be clean and dry.

The right floor materials

Every floor material has advantages and disadvantages. Textured tiles have the advantage of being not slippery and the disadvantage of taking a longer time to be dry because water and dirt will be stuck on a textured surface. On the other hand, tiles with a flat surface are easier to dry because the water will flow on it smoothly. The disadvantage is that the flat surface becomes slippery when wet.Therefore, we can place the tiles in the right place to get the best result. Use textured tiles for the wet area, and the flat one for the dry area. Of course you have to divide the bathroom into dry and wet area first.

The reason why we should keep the bathroom floor get dry easily is because being dry means being healthy. A wet area is a home for bacteria and fungi to grow. So, when the bathroom is dry, the growth of those creatures will be impeded.

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