Tips on How to Make Safe and Comfortable Staircases

Wood StaircaseWhen climbing up the stairs in my office, I always feel so tired. Yet, when I deal with another stairs, say the stairs in my house, I never feel that tired. Why does it happen? Do you ever experience the same thing with me? Well, the main cause of that problem is often about the stairs’ shape and size. When constructing the stairs, the constructors probably did not make the sketch first as the reference so that the stairs do not meet the criteria of convenient stairs design.

Today we present you some important tips on how to make safe and comfortable staircases. Consider the following tips.

  • Make sure that your stairs have a strong structure, not cracked or collapsed so that when walking on it we do not need to feel afraid of falling.
  • The width of the stairs should be adjusted to the users’ body size. If the average adults have a width of 70cm, so you can make the stairs with a minimum width of 90 cm, 20 cm for additional space.
  • The width of each step can be made of about 30 cm. It is adjusted to the width of adult’s step which is about 60 cm.
  • The height of the steps is made up to 20 cm so that you will not get tired easily when climbing up/down the stairs.
  • Put a step nosing with stripped ceramic or other rough material on each of the step’s flat side so that it will not cause any slip.
  • Make sure that your stairs are always clean and well maintained.
  • You can modify the stairs according your taste and style as long as the stairs are convenient to use.
  • Adjust the staircases’ color to the architecture value you want to show.
  • If the distance between the floors is too high, you better provide wide steps serving as a rest place when climbing up the stairs.

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