Tips on How to Paint Walls Properly

A Woman Painting WallHouse painting is often considered as a trivial job. Even when you do not have enough time, you just pay someone else to do it. Meanwhile, if you can set aside a little time and patience, the result will be much more satisfying than you ever thought.

When you want to paint walls, the first thing you should consider is a good color selection. Use a color that is suitable with the function of the wall which will be painted, instead of only following your taste. When choosing the paint, don’t look at the brand and price only, but also the quality. Good quality paint is the one which is easy to apply and safe for the environment.

When starting to paint you should make sure that the wall is not exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature is not above 500 Celsius, and the weather is not foggy. Here are several other preparations that must be done before painting:

  1. Clean the entire surface of the wall from any dirt and make sure that it is in a dry condition, not wet or damp.
  2. Remove the entire old paint on the wall. If necessary wipe it clean with sandpaper.
  3. Make sure that the wall surface is smooth and clean from any wall displays, nails, and other stuffs. Use wall putty to seal any cracks in walls.
  4. Clean the room from dust.
  5. Make sure you have enough paint of the same color.
  6.  Close the location that you want to paint so that your children and pets cannot enter in. Also, cover the area surrounding the walls with plastic or newspaper to avoid any splashes of paint on the floor.
  7. It is much better if the room has adequate ventilation. However, if it is not, you can wear a masker to cover your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling any chemicals evaporated from the paint.

Once you have done the previous steps, you can start painting. Here are some tips you need to do when painting the walls:

  1. Paint the ceiling first, so that if there are splashes on the wall, it will not cause any problem.
  2. Use a roller to paint a large area quickly. And then, use a brush to paint every corner of the room.
  3. If the result of the painting is still not satisfying, repeat the painting once again.
  4. If there are splashes of paint on floor, clean it immediately with a damp cloth.
  5. Close the paint can tightly after completion so that the rest of the paint is not dry and still can be used in the future.

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