Tips on Minimalist Kitchen Designs and the Kitchen Set Maintenance

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Idea
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Minimalist home designs are getting popular today due to the simple, neat, and clean appearance. In addition to a place to prepare meals, a minimalist kitchen can also function to add beauty and value to the kitchen. A minimalist kitchen can be recognized from the kitchen set finishing materials, which usually use HPL (High Pressure Laminate). It is different from classic kitchens which often feature carvings on the surface.

Tips to Maintain a Minimalist Kitchen
Here we share several tips to care for your minimalist kitchen and the kitchen  utensils to keep your minimalist kitchen and the utensils  in a good condition:

1. Plastic kitchen tools
It is quite difficult to get rid of oil and stain from kitchen tools made ​​of plastic. To get rid of the oil, you can soak them in hot water, so the oil will go away. And simply wash the kitchen tools with soap as usual to keep them clean.

2. Aluminum, iron and metal kitchen tools
You can get rid of oil, stains, and dirt from these kitchen tools by using oil and lemon juice on the stain. After washing them, make sure that they are completely dry and finally keep them in a dry place which is far from water. This is done so that the kitchen appliances and tools are not susceptible to rust.

3. Wooden kitchen tools

If there are meat or vegetables stuck on these wooden kitchen utensils, apply oil on the surface of the utensils to ease you in cleaning them. After that, wash them with water and soap. If you find the tools have rusty smells, soak them in hot water.

In addition to making our kitchen comfortable and fun, we should also be able to take care and clean the kitchen set to create a healthy environment. If you plan to make a kitchen, here we share several minimalist kitchen ideas that may inspire you.

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