Tips on the Installation and Maintenance of Natural Stones for Homes

Attractive Natural Home InteriorOne way to get a beautiful and attractive facade is by providing the best finishing. From the many existing finishes, natural stone is a material that has the ability to change the look of the facade to become more natural. Its presence is also considered to neutralize the impression of a rigid construction. Various people have different reasons for using natural stone as the finishing, ranging from the color, pattern, to texture. Yet, how to beautify the facade using the natural stones? Let’s check the following information out.

Where to install the natural stones?
It is okay to install the natural stone anywhere you like. Just make sure that the presence of the natural stones doesn’t ruin the appearance of the house. If I may suggest, you can use the natural stones as an accent or point of interest, not for the main element dominating the home. For the placement, it is suggested to place them in groups, not to spread them everywhere. For instance, if you have installed the natural stones along the wall starting from the terrace and balcony, let the remaining wall space be finished with wall paint.

How to install the natural stones?
Installing natural stone is not much different from installing ceramics. Here are the steps:

  1. Before installing the natural stones, soak them in the water for a few minutes until the water totally wets them or seep in.
  2. Apply the stucco or plaster on the wall and stick the natural stones on it.
  3. The stucco must use a special cement or instant cement exclusively made for natural stone so that the stones will attach on the wall perfectly. The worse the plaster quality, the natural stones will be more easily separated from the wall.
  4. Do not forget to tap the stones using a hammer or shovel handle to make sure they stick perfectly on the wall.
  5. After the installation, brush the natural stones’ surface to make it clean from any splashes of stucco, and dry it.
  6. Coat the natural stones with liquid coatings to protect them from dirt.
  7. Finally, to strengthen the beauty of natural stones, cover the surface with an anti-mildew material.

With a proper installation, the natural stone wall will increasingly look attractive.

What about the maintenance of natural stones for home?
Once you have completed the natural stone installation, you still have a lot of things to do. Natural stone requires your attention in terms of maintenance which is intended to keep it clean and durable. Here are several tips in caring for your natural stone wall:

  1. Spray water toward the natural stones for stubborn dirt. You need to spray it with a hose in order to focus on the dirt object.
  2. If you find too stubborn dirt which cannot be cleaned by the water, use other supporting tools such as brushes and soap.
  3. To have a good natural stone wall look, you should apply the coating. If you never do a coating before, you can use special coatings for natural stones. Do it with a brush for three layers, and repeat it annually.
  4. Pay attention to the natural stones on your walls.  If in a few months the natural stone has been off, it means you choose the wrong adhesive. Use ceramic adhesive for the installation of natural stone on the wall. This kind of adhesive has a high enough adhesion because it is made of cement, qualified sand, premium filler and European additives which are mixed homogeneously.

Those are the tips about the installation and maintenance of natural stones. You can follow those tips to get a beautiful durable natural stone wall in your home.

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