Tips to Build Water Supply and Wastewater Pipelines

Water Pipe Connection PlumbingAlong with the foundation work, some utility  work should also be started. At this stage the utility work done is the making or digging of water lines and wastewater lines because both positions are below the ground level. What are actually the water supply and wastewater lines?

Water Supply Pipelines
Clean water pipelines connect the source of clean water (e.g. wells, water from water company, or both) with the clean water distribution system to all the existing faucet points inside or outside the house.

The tasks in this stage includes:

  • Digging and installing ground tanks. Ground tank is a reservoir of water from the water company to be distributed into the house through the water pump.
  • Digging and installing pipelines from the water company to ground tanks.
  • Digging and installing pipelines from wells to ground tanks.

Wastewater Pipelines
Waste water can be divided into two kinds; black water in the from of sewage from toilets and gray water which is waste water from wash and bathe. Both types of waste water can be disposed and end at different places.

1 . Black Water
Black water of the house should be sent to a septic tank to be precipitated and decomposed by bacteria. The digging and installation tasks for the black water lines at this stage include:

  • Digging and installing septic tank
  • Digging and installing pipelines from black water pipe inside the house to the septic tank.

2 . Gray Water
Gray water from the house is flowed into a gutter in the home environment and will eventually end up in municipal wastewater systems. The tasks performed in this stage include digging and installing pipelines from grey water pipes inside the house to the public drainage.

Keep in mind that at this stage the pipes installed are  horizontal pipes which must be fitted with a tilt angle of 2 % for clean water to 3 % for waste water so that the water can flow smoothly. Sewage pipes are made ​​more sloping so dirt can quickly move out of the pipelines and do not cause blockage .

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