Tips to Create a Beautiful Staircase Light Design

Modern Open Staircase
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In addition to facilitating people to move from one floor to another, stairs are now part of elements to add an aesthetic value to a house. If the stairs are well designed, they can make a home interior look more interesting and beautiful.

To have a beautiful staircase design, we should pay attention to the lighting of the stairs which also includes the factors of safety and beauty. Safety means the lights should not be too bright and blare. Thus, people can see everything clearly when passing the stairs, especially at night. Beauty means the lights should be able to make the entire room look more beautiful.

If you want to provide a good lighting on the stairs, here we share several tips you can use to design stairway lighting.

  • The main lights should be placed at two points; at the bottom area and top area of the staircase.
  • To provide dramatic lighting effects within a room, in addition to using the main lighting, you can also add another temporary lighting such as slide lamps and spotlight which highlight certain places like paintings and other decorative elements.
  • Choose lamps that emit warm colored lights such as yellow, orange, and other natural lights, so that the atmosphere inside the stairwell really feels intimate and friendly.
  • ┬áIt is good to avoid white dazzling lights because they will make the colors around the stairs to be biased or not seem to be original.
  • Avoid lights that give the effect of excessive shadows on the stairs.
  • If possible, install a switch (on/off button) below or above the stairs so that the lights can be turned on and off from upstairs or downstairs.

And here are some stair design examples which use lighting effects. It might be inspiring you to build a glowing staircase lighting.

Contemporary Stair Design
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Wide Staircase Design
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Beautiful Stair Lighting in the Dining Room
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