Tips to Create an Attractive and Comfortable Bathroom for Your Kid

Cute Kid Bathroom DecorLiving with a kid is a lot of fun. For those of you who like decorating home interior, you can spend your free time decorating your kid bathroom into such an attractive and exiting place. With the right bathroom design and decor, your kid will find it comfortable and fun when taking a bath. The following are things you need to consider when designing a bathroom for your kid:

1. Provide colorful bathroom walls
This will definitely create an interesting look which make your kid feel happy. When many bathroom accessories and furniture feature the color white, you should make the background or the walls of the bathroom look more lively and cheerful. Consider adding painting, wall stickers, or wallpaper with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters, animals, or flowers. Yet, you need to install them carefully since some parts of the bathroom walls might be damp.

2. Make sure the bathrooms wall is easy to clean
Make sure that the walls around the wet area such as toilet, sink, and bathtub, are easy to clean. The ideal choices for this are ceramic tiles, scrub-able wall paint, and beadboard panel.

3. Provide adequate light
This rule is for every bathroom, not only for a kid’s bathroom. You must not want to have a dark space in your bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom has adequate lighting. For instance, you can add a chandelier above the dresser. In addition, windows also play an important role to provide adequate lighting during the daytime. The sunlight will make the bathroom brighter and keep it dry.

4. Finishing touch
Add accessories to your little one’s bathroom. A towel with funny pictures can even be a part of bathroom decoration. There are also some products which are specially designed for kids in order to let them learn to keep their body clean and healthy.

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