Tips to Deal with a Small Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Design IdeaHaving a small kitchen design doesn’t mean that you have a small and limited kitchen function. The limited space is not a reason not to be creative and functional. There are several ways you can do to make your kitchen look wider and can accommodate your foodstuff and also kitchen utensils. The following are the tips:

  • Choose high kitchen cabinets which reach the ceiling. Thus, you will have a bigger storage capacity. Put things that are rarely used in the top part, while things which are often used in the lower part.
  • Choose kitchen set with a straight line design. You can use one side to cook, and another one for storage and place to wash foodstuff or other utensils.
  • Take the advantages of the ceiling, e.g. by installing a hanging shelf. In this way, you have added a storage space.
  • Choose a stove which is multifunctional yet does not take up much space. Thus, this stove can save space so that the rest space can serve another function.
  • Let the kitchen set area open without something blocking. For the kitchen cabinet door you can choose glasses. This design makes your small kitchen design look as if it were spacious.
  • Deepen the lower part of the kitchen cabinet so that it has bigger capacity to accommodate more items without interfering with the working area. To make your kitchen stuff well organized, you can add kitchen set accessories then.
  • Use bright colors for the wall panels, floor, and kitchen cabinet to make an impression of a more comfortable and roomy space.
  • Install the floor tiles in a diagonal pattern. This pattern will create an impression of a wider space compared to the conventional floor tile pattern.

The advantage of a small kitchen design is that we will not that tired in cleaning it as the area is small. However, we should always keep it clean by regularly cleaning it especially after using it to prepare food.

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