Tips to Deal with Hot Rooms without any Air Conditioner

White Living Room Design with WindowsA room which feels hot is certainly not comfortable to live in. The easy and fast solution to deal with it is by installing an air conditioner. Yet, many people choose this easy way without willing to know the root of the problem first. A room can feel hot for several reasons. The most common cause is the lack of openings or ventilation. Due to the small amount of ventilation, there is no air exchange from inside the house to the outside. This is what causes the room temperature is hot.

Then, is it enough to have one window in every room? The answer would be no. In order to have a good air circulation, we need cross ventilation. There should be at least two windows or openings which face each other in one room.

Cross ventilation allows air to flow from inside to outside and vice versa, without having to settle first inside the room. The air coming from the first window/opening is directly flown by the second window or opening in front of it, and there comes the new fresh air, and so on. In that way, you can make your house cool without any air conditioner.

Another thing to note is the size of the windows or openings, which must be balanced with the size of the room. A larger room will certainly need larger openings. Large openings do not only smooth the airflow, but also enables more sunlight to enter the room. The room will then become healthy and bright without having to turn on the lamp during the day. It saves energy indeed.

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