Tips to Decorate a Room with Your Favorite Colors

Blue Bedroom with Dark Wood FlooringDecorating a room is not always dealing with the addition of artistic objects or accessories. It can also be started from the wall, e.g. by playing colors. Here are some ideas to decorate a room with color.

Green: Light
Celery green is a base natural color. You can combine the celery green with a yellow light so that the room will not look stiff like mint green. Do not ignore the ceiling, you can cover it with the color white, or a mix of white and green so that it is better suited to the wall. Using lime green, blue-green, coral and raspberry colors as accents will make the green-yellow color more vivid. Pair lime green with latte brown color on the walls and balance it with fabric furniture and accents of lime.

Blue: The right mate for wooden furniture
Are you looking for a new base color? Why not try and use a soft blue color and use it like brown and black colors which are often used in the interior. For example, paint the wall blue and combine it with white or gray seat. Also, it would be good to add a touch of yellow, green, and orange. The blue wall is very easy to be combined with any wood color. The more pale blue color is more increasingly flexible with any wood.

Purple: Sweet lavender
Some people say that it is difficult to combine the color purple with another color. In fact, purple will have more energy when paired with blue, rather than by the color violet or pink. The color purple along with the touch of blue will generate energy in your room. Occasionally, intensively apply colors on the walls, with the lavender color. When you determine to paint your wall in lavender, choose the lightest one. That would be much sweet and nice.

Neutral white: Out of the box
If the soft cream color is your choice, be careful with green and gold colors. Make sure your color is consistent, whether it is white or cream color with brown base. If you are looking for a neutral choice for walls, think one step that makes the walls more colorful to get rid of the idea that white is neutral. Keep in mind that most colors will appear darker on the wall.

Gray: Little warmth
Identify the source of your gray obsession. Is gray your cashmere sweater? Or, is it a place in the ancient city? Once you can identify the gray, compare it with some goods or pictures to make trinkets. Try combining the two colors you like which meet your mood. Combine multiple items correctly to make the color gray not too cold. In the room painted gray it is suitable to add furniture painted in patina motifs, white rug, linens, and some color accents.

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