Tips to Design a Comfortable and Healty Kitchen

Comfortable and Healty KitchenA comfortable kitchen is the one which has a good air circulation. We need to make sure that the air can flow into the kitchen smoothly to make the space feel fresh and cozy. Thus, a kitchen should be placed near the exterior walls of the home. Don’t place your kitchen in a closed space, moreover if you use gas for cooking. If you do so, your kitchen will be vulnerable to fire. I am sure that you don’t want to have such bad experiences when cooking in the kitchen. That’s why the security factor is very important to consider in a comfortable and healthy kitchen.

Besides, if will be more fun if we have a beautiful view outside the kitchen. It means that besides having a good air circulation, we also need to have adequate windows. In this way, while cooking we can see what is going on outside the house, e.g. to know whether someone enters the gate, whether it is raining, or whether it is already night.

Kitchen cleanliness is also an important thing in a comfortable kitchen. One factor to consider is the materials of kitchen countertop which is usually used to prepare the cuisine. It will be better if we use granite, marble, or natural stones with small pores for the countertop materials. Or you can also use the current trend, which is artificial marbles or solid surfaces. What is important, do not use wood because it has layers with big pores. In terms of color, choose the bright one for the kitchen walls. It is intended to make the dirty part of the wall can be easily noticed and quickly cleaned.

We also need to pay attention to the ergonomic health in the kitchen. That is, do not get people feel difficult when doing the kitchen activity, like too often bending forward to take cooking equipments. If we too often bend our body forward, we will get tired easily. And when the plates are placed at the bottom of the cabinet, we will have no other choices instead of keep bending the body forward. To avoid such inconvenience, we should place everything in a reachable place. And, there are actually a lot of kitchen accessories and equipment that concern to the ergonomic of the users.

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