Tips to Design a Go Green and Anti Global Warming House

Natural Interior Design with Glass Wall and Wooden Flooring

Global warming which makes the weather hot can be very frustrating. A lot of people are trying to make their home feel cool and comfortable through a home architecture concept. If you want to have a go green home design which is anti global warming, you can start considering planting green plants around your home.

Green house for you
We are not talking about a house with green wall paint anyway. Green house is a house that has a lot of greenery around it, and even inside it. Add more green plants like trees, bamboo plants, and colorful flowers to your house since they release oxygen which makes the air in the house feels fresh.

Glass walls
If possible, install glass wall in every room in your house. Glass walls do not create a hot effect or heat. In fact, glass walls create a cool effect, moreover when there are a lot of green plants there. In addition, the existence of glass makes a house interior look way more spacious.

Wall selection
In addition to glass walls, you can also try wooden walls. The walls will bring cold air into the house. If you want to do so, choose wood that is strong such as teak. Do not choose the one with low quality since it might be prone tp termites.

Wood flooring 
Your floors should also be made ​​of wood. Although later your renovation costs would be high, but you will get the best results. Wood can create both warm and cold atmosphere since it can adjust the air around. It will not be hot during the summer nor too cold during the winter.

It would be better if you replace the tiles in the front yard or backyard with grass. This will definitely provide a cool and fresh atmosphere.

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