Tips to Design Middle East Interiors

Golden Living Room Design

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Home sweet home. This phrase is very popular as a form of gratitude to the houses people live  in. Everyone is trying to build a comfortable house to live. They tried to build a home according to their dreams. If you want to build a house, especially the interior, you can try a new interior design style of the Middle East. Probably there are not many people who try to implement this design. However, you can choose this design as an alternative to build your home interior design.

Middle East home designs
Middle East style interior design is often associated with luxury. It is indeed made based on luxury and comfort, and highlights the impression of glamour in every corner of the house. We often find in movies or on the internet that the interior of the Middle East always accentuates the luxury of any furniture. For example, every Middle East home puts up golden silk curtains and mosaic patterned roofs to add the impression of luxury. If you belong to people who like luxury, this interior design can be an option for you.

Some tips for building a Middle East style home interior
If you have decided to build a Middle Eastern style interior design, there are some very useful tips for you in preparing the interior of your home, including:

  • Color. In designing the interior of your home, you must be smart in choosing colors for the right blend of colors can create a good impression in your home. Generally, houses in the Middle East tend to use dark colors such as brown, gold, and purple. For spaces such as living room, family room, and dining room, you can put dark colors like gold and brown to accentuate the taste of the Middle East. For a more private part of the house such as a bedroom, you can give the color blue and maroon to give the impression of private.
  • Lighting. In general, every Middle East style home always features a chandelier or a large lamp. Besides chandelier, you can choose candles for lighting alternative.
  • Furniture and accessories. For furniture and accessories in the Middle East style, adjust the color you choose to the color of your home interior. For furniture, you can choose the chairs and tables with mosaic carvings. In addition, you can also install a large door in the same carving. The thing should not be forgotten are the rug and cushions which serve to beautify your Middle East interior home decoration.

Here are two pictures of Middle East style home designs you can use as references.

Dark Luxury Bedroom with Silk Curtains

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Artistic Living Room Design

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