Tips to Design a Minimalist Living Room without Making it Look Narrow

Minimalist Living Room Design IdeaMinimalist design is a characteristic of a modern home interior. It is true indeed that a minimalist design, without any modification, can make a room look narrow and monotonous. Basically, this minimalist design concept is dedicated for a modern family who live in an apartment with a not pretty large space. However, if you make a little change on the design, you can have a minimalist living room which looks spacious and attractive. The following are tips on how to create an attractive minimalist living room without making it look narrow:

  • Combine black and white with pastel colors. The colors black-white are known as the colors of minimalist home design, so that it would be fine to let those colors dominate your living room. However, it is important to combine black-white with soft colors such as pale blue or pale pink to create a spacious impression. Bold colors such as red and yellow are good to enhance the minimalist look. Yet, do not use them excessively unless your living room will look full.
  • Avoid using stripped decoration since it will make your living look full and stuffy. Simply use one color. White is perfect for a clean and simple impression, especially for a sofa. Besides, using an ocean blue sofa will not interfere with the minimalist concept of your living room although the room is still dominated by black-white. This ocean blue sofa will even add a fresh and spacious impression to your living room.
  • Choose separated pieces of furniture, especially for the sofa. Do not use a long sofa that is connected between one section and another. Choose a separate square sofa and put a little distance between one and the other to create a spacious impression. Do not put a large dresser in the living room because it will make the room fuller. Place the ornaments and other decorative objects on top of a small hanging shelf to save space.
  • Deal with your narrow space using a wall hanging that creates a spacious impression. Paintings or photographs with transparent frames will make your living room look wider.
  • A minimalist black-white living room can look full and narrow if it is not designed and decorated carefully. Avoid using excessive black since it can make the room seem full. Otherwise, the color white gives the impression of a clean and airy room. Even so, do not leave black, because this is one of the minimalist characteristic. You can use it as an accent color, e.g. for a vase or coffee table.

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