Tips to Design a Small Kitchen in Houses Which are Close Together

Simple Small Kitchen DesignThere are several tips to get a beautiful yet simple kitchen design with a low budget. For houses which are so close together, the kitchen should be well-planned because you will not make an opening on the left/right or back part of the house. If the kitchen is positioned at the front part of the house, it has a direct access to the yard which facilitates the easy distribution of foodstuff to the kitchen. In addition, you will also obtain a better air circulation so the kitchen feels fresh and airy.

A kitchen located in the middle or at the back of the house would be more difficult to access and difficult in creating openings, resulting in poor air circulation. Thus, the kitchen should be made open and one with the dining room or family room. If possible, position the kitchen next to a garden to get smoother air circulation.

The consequence of making an open and visible kitchen is that it requires a good arrangement so it doesn’t look look shabby. Either the design, material, or equipment should be adjusted to the needs, room’s size, and budget.

You don’t need a dirty kitchen and clean kitchen separately because it will waste a lot of space and money. It is better to spend the money on one kitchen set since all of your kitchen equipement can be well stored there.

If you want to save money, create relatively small kitchen set which can accommodate the following items:

  • 1 stove (cooker) with a size of ​​60 cm x 60 cm
  • 1 sink with a size of ​​60 cm x 60 cm
  • top table surface a size of ​​60 cm x 60 cm
  • 1 fridge with a size of ​​60 cm x 60 cm
  • serving table with a size 60 cm x 60 cm

Simply put, the minimal size of the kitchen set is 300 cm x 60 cm. This area must not include circulation for cooking activities yet.

There are various shapes of kitchen set; single line, L shape, and U shape. You can adjust it to your kitchen design.

Kitchen set can be made of concrete cast, or multiplex wood which is more flexible. For the finishing material, you can adjust it to your budget. Choose whether you want to use duco paint with fresh colors, melanine which will expose the wood fiber, or HPL (high pressure laminating) with various colors and texture which is more affordable. And then, the most important part of the kitchen set is the top table. Since this area will be exposed to heat, scratch, and spills of food, you should choose durable material for this. The material option includes granite, stainless steel, or ceramic.

Based on the function, generally kitchen set is divided into two parts; low cabinets which are used for kitchen utensils and upper cabinets for storing foodstuff. To save money, the upper and lower cabinet can be made one attached on the wall. To save space, the kitchen set area can be made one with the dining room so that the kitchen atmosphere can be more fun and relaxing.

Another obstacle in an open kitchen is the smog caused by the cooker. Thus, the kitchen should be placed next to the garden so the smog would not enter the room. Or, you can use cookerhood placed right above the stove.

To beautify your kitchen, use glass mozaic for the backsplash. It is also a good idea to hang paintings with a culinary theme. The addition of those accessories including a vase on the corner of the room will also beautify the kitchen.

Another important thing to consider is kitchen lighting. Use day light fluorescent lamp with a strong white light that is adequate, because it would give the impression of a clean and airy in your kitchen.

The point is, if you want to have an attractive, compact, and affordable kitchen set, you need a creativity in determining the position of the kitchen inside the house, shape and size which is adjusted to the needs, and also finishing material which is in accordance to your budget.

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