Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

A Woman Looking Into the Empty HouseIf you are planning a vacation for days, weeks, or even months, you should first ensure the security of your home. A house left by the owner for a vacation is usually an easy target for thieves.

Despite having a housekeeper, you must remain cautious to any risks that may occur. Here are tips to stay safe when you leave your home on vacation in a long time:

  1. Avoid things that may indicate that your house is empty or things that show signs that you will leave the house. This of course can attract the attention of thieves.
  2. If you subscribe to the newspaper, then you can ask your newsagent to not send you the newspaper during your vacation because newspapers piled on the porch of the house is the main thing that gives a signal to thieves that your house is empty.
  3. Put the sandals / shoes at the front door of your home. It can give a signal that the house is inhabited.
  4. Make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave the home.
  5. Do not place valuables such as jewelry and cash in the house. It will be safer for you to put them in a bank deposit box.
  6. Turn off all electronic devices and unplug them to prevent a short circuit that could cause fire.
  7. Leave your home to neighbors whom you really trust, or to the police in the home environment that has become your trust as well.
  8. Install an alarm to prevent thieves from getting into the house or if possible to install CCTV at the hidden points of your house.
  9. If you have a private vehicle to be left at home, it helps you leave it in your nearest relatives rather than leaving it at home.
  10. Check the flow of water and cover it perfectly to not cause flooding in the house when you get home later.
  11. Make sure the house is clean when you leave so you will not get tired when you are back home again since you have to clean up a messy house when you leave.

Prevention is always better. Setting your house is a safe condition when you are going to take a vacation is very necessary. You will get your home secure and you can enjoy your vacation without having to worrying your home.

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