Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Wood Floor for Its Durability

Cleaning Wooden FloorMore and more people are interested in wooden flooring for its warm and elegant feel. Yet, maintaining wooden floor can be tricky. You need to do several things to keep your wooden floor clean, durable, and look beautiful. Here’s how:

  • Check the wood floor and make sure that the floor is completely clean of visible dirt using a soft nylon broom. Take away the dirt using a dustpan.
  • We recommend using a completely clean and dry lobby duster. Do not add any chemical or oil to the duster.
  • Using the lobby duster, clean the wood floor carefully.
  • Gather the dirt in one corner of the room and lift it using a dustpan and nylon broom.

Wooden floors should not be mopped with water because water can cause dry rot in wood. If you want to mop your wood floor to make it look clean, you need to vacuum it first. Then, do the following:

  • Prepare a bucket of clean water (without mixed with wood cleaning liquid).
  • Prepare a soft cotton cloth (towel or bathmat); one is used to mop up and the other to dry the floor.
  • Dip a cloth into the bucket and squeeze firmly until the cloth to mop is not too wet.
  • Mop the floor in the direction of the wood fiber and dry it immediately.
  • To clean the dirty corners or edges of the floor, you can use an old toothbrush or with a brush and wood furniture cleaner. After that, wipe the floor dry.
  • If there’s glue or chewing gum that stuck to the floor, try to lift it and clean the rest with eucalyptus oil. Wipe the stained area with wet cloth, and finally wipe it dry with a dry cloth.
  • And when it comes to food or beverage stains, use a damp cloth and dry immediately with a dry cloth. Then, use the special cleaning liquid for wood.

You need to know a few things to make your wood flooring durable and well-maintained:

  • When entering the wooden-floored space, you should not wear shoes with rough soles or high heels. They might cause scratches or indentations that are difficult to fix on your wood floor.
  • For those of you who have pets, keep and take care of your pets nails (trim your pets’ nails).
  • Use curtains or blinds to protect the wood floor from direct sunlight which can cause cracks and discoloration.
  • If the floor is spilled with liquid or food, immediately clean and dry it.
  • For wood floors that already have many scratches and are also faded, you can do the scrubbing and re-coating in order to make the floor look clean and shiny again.

Those are tips on how to maintain your wood floor. When the wood flooring is well maintained, you surely will always feel the warm and comfortable sensation it offers for years.

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