Tips to Make a Small Studio Apartment Look Wider

Beautiful Studio Apartment Decor IdeaFor busy urban areas, apartments often become the first choice due to the strategic location and several other practicality. One type of apartments that is widely offered and chosen is the studio apartment. Studio apartment is an apartment with a quite small size. This size it what usually causes some problems to some people.

The weakness of a studio apartment indeed lies on its limited space. A studio apartment even often looks cramped and not comfortable. Well, actually there are some ways to make this small studio apartment look more spacious and feel more comfortable. Here’s how:

1. Colour
Some colors work perfectly to make a small room look more spacious. Those are soft colors like white, beige, or a color that looks light and bright. For instance, you can present the color  white in the studio apartment interior with the combination of brown for the furniture.

2. Furniture
The impression of a wide open space can be presented by selecting furniture with a simple and light shape. You can choose furniture with materials that reflect light or transparent, such as HPL, glass or aluminum.

Take advantage of the empty space in the vertical side (e.g. wall) maximally. Use tall shelves or cabinets which nearly reach the ceiling for the utilization of the space vertically. You can use them to store luggage or your unique stuff.

3. Bed
You can optimize the storage space by giving some touches to your bed. Turn the empty space under the bed into a storage space in the forms of drawers. You can store your clothes in those drawers so that you do not need any big wardrobe that will take up much space.

4. Mirror
The illusion of a spacious room can be presented by using a mirror. You can add mirrors to your studio apartment to make it look wider. The bigger the mirror, the more spacious your room looks.

Those are four simple tips to make your small studio apartment look more spacious thus make you feel more comfortable.

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