Tips to Design a Safe Balcony for Kids

Contemporary Wooden Balcony IdeaA balcony at home offers lots of fun for the homeowner since this space can be used as a relaxing place to gather with the family members. However, some people feel afraid to have a home balcony, especially those who have toddlers, since it can be dangerous for toddlers. Here we share several tips to make a comfortable balcony design which is safe for everyone, including your kids.

  • Make sure that the height of the balcony divider is more than 80 cm, the average height of a two year old toddler. Children at this age usually want to do something which is beyond their ability.
  • If your balcony divider features bars in it, make sure that the distance between the bars is less than 12 cm, so that heads cannot enter the gap.
  • It would be better to put an object against the balcony divider so that toddlers cannot reach the divider. You can use potted plants or other objects which block the children’s reach.
  • If it is possible, make a safe area under the balcony which is not hard, e.g. grass, pond, and shrubs.
  • The key is, still, the supervision from the parents. Make the access to the open space on the upper floor to be always close to the door so that you can immediately recognize when your toddler are heading to the balcony.

By following these tips, you can create a comfortable and safe balcony design for the whole family members, starting from your little ones until the elderly.

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