Tips to Make Under Stairs Bathroom Design

White Bathroom Under Stairs Design IdeaWhen building a home, there are often some empty spaces left. Why does it happen? There are several possibilities for this. The first possibility is that there is a wrong calculation of the space requirements, and the second one is because it indeed had been planned to be an empty space. The owner might want to fill that empty space with any furniture or decoration in the future.

The area under the stair is usually left empty without any furniture or decoration. Some creative people usually use it as a storage space such as by placing bookshelves or shoe racks there. Yet, have you ever thought to turn the empty space under the stairs to be a bathroom? Well, using the area under the stairs as a bathroom has many advantages apparently. In addition to making the house more functional, a bathroom under the stairs idea, which is often found in the area around the living room, is more easily accessed by guests. In that way, the guests do not have to go into the private bathroom of the home owners. Here’s information on how to make an under stairs bathroom.

Room’s size
The first stage in making an under staircases is to measure the ceiling of the area under the stairs. Te area might not be large; however, we should make sure that at least people can stand upright in it.

 Air circulation
Because the area is not wide, we should pay attention to the air circulation in the bathroom. It would be helpful to make openings with lattice to allow air to enter the bathroom. In that way, we will have a good air circulation. If necessary, we can also install an exhaust fan which moves the air in the bathroom out and replaces it with new fresh air from outside.

Lighting plays an important room in the bathroom. Thus, we should plan the under stairs bedroom lighting thoroughly. As an energy saving alternative, we can make glass vent which allows natural light to come in during the day.  The sunlight is good to deal with bathroom humidity and mold growth as well.

Bathroom fixtures
Since the bathroom under stairs design is not spacious, it is better for us to put important fixtures only, such as toilet and sink. The bathroom fixtures can be placed under the low ceiling.

Although a bathroom under the stairs has a small size, when we are good at arranging it, we will be able to make it a comfortable and healthy bathroom design. Good luck.

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