Tips to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Children

Mother and Litte Daughter in the BathroomA bathroom that is safe will help you reduce anxiety for the safety of your children. Here’s how to create a safe bathroom for children:

Note the electricity and water problems
One way to create a safe bathroom is by blocking access to outlet and electronic equipment. Cover all access to the existing outlet in the bathroom, and then keep electronic appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, and electric shave away of the tub. Keep your outlet in the closet and use when you need it.

Problems concerning water
In addition to electrical problems, the things related to water also must be considered, because children really like to play with water. Children under the age of two years are able to reach the water in the toilet bowl. Meanwhile, children over the age of two years are very happy to play with a splash of water in the toilet. To work around this, you can use a toilet lock that you can get at the hardware store. You are also required to determine the temperature of the hot water in your bathroom. Try to keep the water in a 48.9 degree Celsius or less. This best hot water temperature for children.

Use anti-skid carpet or floor tiles
To maintain the safety of your children in the bathroom, consider using anti-skid carpet (bath mats) or anti skid floor tiles in the bathroom. This is to prevent your children from slipping on the floor because children are often so excited, jumping up and down even after a shower.

Never leave your child alone in the bathroom
Make sure you bring all the equipment needed by your child to the bathroom so you do not have to leave your child alone in the bathroom.  The water in the bathtub can anytime make a child drowned. To that end, always watch your child until finished bathing.

Selecting bathroom equipment
Be sure to choose bathroom equipment such as sinks, taps, and bathtub with no sharp edges. Sharp corners and edges might harm your children.

Keep away hazardous materials of children
Children have a great curiosity. They might taste hazardous materials in the bathroom, like toothpaste, soap, floor cleaning liquid, and many more. Be sure to always remind the children if the materials should not be eaten or tasted even just a little. To increase the awareness of your children, keep any dangerous materials out of their reach. For instance, you can put them in a higher place where your children can not reach it.

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