Tips to Maximize a Small House

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Having a small house is not a problem as long as you can creatively organize it and maximize every space. Even with the right decoration and organization, your small house can be quite attractive and comfortable. Here are some tips to maximize your small house:

Storage space
Cabinets is one piece of furniture that takes up quite a lot of space. To deal with this, maximize the use of your storage cabinet. If you are not able to maximize the use of the cabinet space horizontally, then do it vertically. Choose a high cabinet that almost reaches the ceiling. For additional storage space, use the empty space under your bed. You can also turn the empty space under the stairs into a storage space.

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Display and store 
Display any equipment that you frequently need. Place it in a storage rack that is easily accessible, and arrange it neatly. While for some other equipment that is rarely used, you’d better keep it in drawers, e.g. storage drawers underneath your bed. This will just help eliminate the impression of a full and crowded room due to too much furniture.

In addition, do not let stuff pile up unused in your simple home. If it is not used, either sell it or donate it if it is still worth using.

Reduce partitions
Wall partitions or room dividers often even make a small house seem smaller and narrower. Therefore, reduce the use of partitions in your house. Try to combine two spaces, such as a kitchen with a dining room, or a dining room with a family room. Merging two rooms is very effective to create an impression of a spacious house interior.

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You can also present an impression of a spacious house by setting the lighting in such a way. Maximize the light entering your house so it looks more bright and spacious. It certainly will make you save energy during the day.

You can maximize the incoming light by installing large windows. These windows will make your houselook more spacious since you can freely see the scenery outside.

Bright colors
In order for your small house to look larger, choose a bright color dominance in your house. Bright soft colors are suitable for the walls, curtains or furniture.

Furniture size
Before buying furniture, consider first the right size. Adjust the furniture with the room’s size.

Choose furniture with a simple design and a color that matches the color of the room. It would be much better if you can choose multi-functional furniture. For instance, choose a multi-functional bed that ¬†can also be used as a table or a chair. 

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