Tips to Pick Paint Colors for Every Room in Your House

Modern Minimalist Orange Kitchen and Dining RoomOne of the easy ways to change the mood and atmosphere in your house is to change the paint colors. If you get bored with the color, you can simply replace it with another color according to your taste. There is actually no specific rule in choosing paint colors as it depends on the taste of the homeowners. Some people like soft colors or simply white, and some others like dark or contrast colors. The most important thing is to adjust the color to the room function.

Exterior wall paint color is also often used to distinguish a house with the other houses around it, or to give it an identity.  When many houses use light colors, then dark or contrast colors can give an ownership identity so the house will be easily recognized.

In addition to the color selection, you should also consider the use of special paint for exterior walls, or better known as weather shield paint. It is a type of paint that is resistant to weather changes and humidity.

For interior wall paint colors, the existing paint manufacturers have classified them according to the characteristic of the colors and its influence on room. There are categories of warm colors which include shades of red, orange, and yellow and variations on those colors; cool colors which include shades of green, blue, and purple and variations on those colors; and neutral colors which are made by combining all three primary colors such as black, white, beige, ivory, and gray.

You simply need to adjust the colors to the functions of the room as well as the atmosphere to be achieved. For example, to make the living room or family room feel intimate and warm, you can use the variation of brown color such as beige or light brown. The combination of the two colors is also a trick to make the room becomes more dynamic. Choose a darker color on one side of the wall that is used as a background where a television cabinet or sofa is usually placed. Use a lighter shade on the other sides of the wall. If your curtain is in light brown with wood colored furniture, then paint the walls with a mix of lighter brown color, and use the darker one on one side of the wall.

In the master bedroom which needs more peace, use calm or neutral colors which do not tire the eye. You can use a darker color combination on the headboard. Meanwhile, the kids’ bedroom can be designed based on the kids’ gender, hobbies, or interests. Of course you will use attractive bright colors for this room. Generally girls like the color pink and boys like blue.

The kitchen and dining room usually require clean colors which evoke freshness so you can use a blend of the variations of green and orange.

You should use the color white for the ceiling to create a balance towards the wall paint color. Besides, white color gives the impression of a broad and high space in the room, making it feel more spacious. Additionally, you should consider adequate lighting, selection of furniture and accessories in order to liven up the desired atmosphere.

To sum up, there is no rule in choosing wall paint colors. It is simply based on the owner’s taste which is then adjusted to the room functions and desired atmosphere.

Do not be afraid to experiment with colors. You can choose the types and characters of colors from catalogs available in paint stores. Mix and match those colors according to your taste, and choose a paint manufacturer with good quality. The price is a bit more expensive but the resulting color and durability will be much more satisfying than the low quality paint. Good luck then.

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