Tips to Provide a Comfortable Study Room for Kids

Quiet Kids Bedroom and Study Room Design IdeaWith a cozy study room, children will certainly enjoy studying. So, what should be considered before making the study room for children?

Creating a comfortable study room design for kids is a tricky. Unlike the study room or workroom for adults, the kids’ room requires a lot of considerations, both from the size, materials, furniture, up to color selection.

Avoid sharp corners
The ideal kids study room size is about 2.5  x 2,5 meters. If there are many children, especially little ones, then the space required is usually wider since they need more space to explore their creativity, call it crafting, painting, or organizing. For older children, you need an ideal room size to put desks and chairs, as well as kids study room storage shelves.

In addition to the size of the study room, note also the factor of safety and comfort. For children who are still young, you should avoid furniture that has sharp corners or edges. Avoid furniture that can scratch and harm the children. It is because children are still very active and can easily stumble on the edge of the table and chairs when moving.

Select the proper tables and chairs
Kids study room furniture should suits the kids’ needs to learn. Study tables and chairs can be a place to learn together so that you need to consider the possibility of arranging chairs in a circle, or a large table with several chairs.

For individual table, you can choose the one like work desk with chairs and storage shelves, along with the equipment for study. Do not forget to adjust the table and chairs to the children’s height.

Decorate the walls
Kids study room wall decoration can be done with wallpaper, wall stickers, or paints, depending on your taste and your budget. Wallpaper is more expensive but it presents more interesting patterns, especially for children. The suggested wallpaper for children’s rooms is the one with the appropriate patterns and made ​​of materials that are not easy to get dirty, like vinyl. Or, if the kids get bored really fast, you can use wall stickers. In addition to more affordable, you can easily replace it according to the kids’ taste and wants.

Clear zones
Maybe parents often ask, which one is better, combining a study room with the bedroom, or separate them?

Usually the child’s bedroom has desk and chair that are used for studying, but it does not matter if it is necessary to separate. If the zones are made separated, there will be not many activities done in one area so that children can focus on learning.

If you want to make those two functions in one area, you should arrange it well so that the bedroom’s function as a place to rest and study has some sort of clear zones. Give a mark with special bookshelves around the study zone. Note also the color, given the fact that children are very active, so it is necessary to have a colorful room to support their creativity.

Bright and strong colors
The recommended kids study room wall paint colors are bright and strong colors, because they can stimulate the creativity of children, e.g. red, orange, blue, and green. These bright colors can be used to accent a wall. That is, not all walls are painted with strong colors. For instance, you can apply the bright colors only for the study space.

For study rooms that require high concentrations, use pastel colors such as pale blue, pale orange, beige, and so on. In general, we could use a strong color for a study room. But when it is made one with the bedroom, it is better to use pastel colors especially for the wall facing the bed.

Different hobbies create different color preferences between girls and boys. Boys usually like strong colors such as red, green, yellow, and blue. Meanwhile, after junior high, boys tend to prefer natural colors, such as gray or white. Apply the strong accent colors on the bedroom accessories.

For little girls’ rooms, in addition to the theme of dolls and princess in a fairy tale, you can apply their favorite pastel colors like pink and light blue. During the high school stage, children begin to make a change to the bedroom theme. Go around with this by installing wallpaper or wall stickers with an appropriate theme for them.

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