Tips to Use Bright Colors for Your Interior

Small House in Bright ColorThe addition of bright colors can make a home more attractive and artistic. However, some people are still hesitant to use bright colors for their interior since they don’t want their house to look crowded and dazzling. We actually do not need to color the whole house with bright wall painting. Simply choose one part of the house to be painted bright, or use the bright colors for accessories.

These are several tips to use bright colors in a house.

1. Blue
If your house is dominated by the color gray, it doesn’t mean that you have to paint your entire walls in gray. Add your interior home with a splash of bright colors such as light blue. The use of the color blue in combination with gray will create a fresher impression. For a more attractive interior, choose one space in your house, such as the family room, and paint one side of the wall in blue.  After that, hang some black-white photographs on the blue wall. As a result, you will have a contrast combination which makes your family room more attractive and interesting.

2. Green
The color green is suitable to be applied in a workroom in which you need a quiet atmosphere. Green, which belongs to cool colors, can enhance your energy and spirit to work. Combine green with other energetic colors such as orange and yellow. For instance, you can choose an orange sofa or yellow folders which are arranged neatly on a table.

3. Red
Some people believe that red is not good to be applied in a bedroom. Yet, actually we still can have a comfortable bedroom in red. What we need to understand is that we shouldn’t paint the whole bedroom walls in red, the color which symbolizes spirit and passion, so that it will not interfere with our sleeping hours. Light red can create a dramatic atmosphere. Meanwhile, maroon red can bring an elegant atmosphere. Since red is a bold striking color, you should choose neutral colors for the bedroom furniture and accessories.

4. Orange
Just like the freshness of an orange, the color orange will also provide the same effect on your kitchen. Use the color orange for the kitchen cabinets and kitchen wallpaper so that your cooking activity will be much more fun.

5. Yellow
The color yellow has the same effects as orange color’s, which is to enhance energy and spirit. This color is suitable to be applied in a work room or a dining room which is combined with white or beige.

6. Combination of bright colors
Make your living room more attractive and modern by applying some bright colors. Those colors do not have to be applied on the wall paint, yet you can apply them on your cushions or vases.

Those are some tips on how to get a beautiful home décor by using bright colors for your interior. Basically, all colors are good. So, be creative and get the most of your interior.

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