Tired of Your Messy House? Here are 6 Quick and Easy Solutions to Your Problem

Cleaning Up with Pink GlovesCleaning up a house is sometimes the most troublesome and bothersome task to do. Yet, we will never stay in a comfortable house if we are reluctant to maintain its cleanliness and tidiness.

Well, no worries. You have many practical ways to keep your house clean and tidy every morning. Here are the tips you can do to clean up your house quickly:

1. Clean regularly
Well, probably you often procrastinate when it comes to home cleaning. This is obviously a bad habit.  A thousand kinds of denial usually always come to your mind when you already intend to do this cleaning up activity on a regular basis. Good habits cannot come itself, all must be trained. Therefore train yourself to regularly clean up the house by making a brief schedule of every two or three days. That way you will be accustomed to cleaning up on a regular basis.

2. Provide an emergency box in every room
Always provide a large box or basket as a place to put things that are scattered on the floor quickly. To avoid a weird impression due to the presence of the box in every room, you can adjust the box’s color or pattern to the interior decoration of your house.

3. Get rid of items that are not needed
Maybe you often pile up old stuff in the house, be it old clothes that have been outgrown or electronic items that have been broken because you think “someday” those items will be used again. This habit is good because it can save you money compared when you should always buy new items. But oftentimes, the items settle for months to years more in your home. If this is already the case, it means that you should get rid of them from your house, because it’s obvious that they will never be used again, until whenever.

4. Consider the cleanliness of rooms which are often used by your guests
For those of you who are forced to clean up because there are important guests who will come suddenly, you just need to clean rooms that are often used by the guests, such as the front porch, living room, dining room, and bathroom. Close all doors to bedrooms and store room so that your house will look neat.

5. Provide a lot of tissue or wiper
Find any spilled food and drinks on the table? With a tissue and wipes, everything can be resolved. Almost every day you have to deal with little stubborn stains caused by food, beverages, markers, and other objects on the furniture or floor. Therefore provide tissue and clean wipe as much as possible, in order to be used when needed.

6. Provide a special room to hide your messy stuff
Pile of crumpled clothes have not been ironed and folded yet, but your important guest is already coming? Don’t panic. Immediately evacuate them all to a safe hiding place that your guest will not see, then immediately clean the tables, chairs, and floor until they look clean and fresh. Well, after your guest leave, you can deal back with your  clothes that have been waiting for you to clean them up.

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