Top Ten World’s Remarkable Escalator Designs

London Underground Escalator Today we are going to show you another architectural work which also serves as a transportation system. Well, yes, this post is about escalators. We bet that you have already been familiar with escalators, especially those who love to visit public facilities such as mall, station, airport, transit system, convection center, etc. To recall your memory, let’s define what escalator is first. Escalator or moving stair case is one of the vertical transports in the form of conveyor which is aimed to transport people. It consists of separated stairs that can move up and down following the path of a rail or chain which is driven by a motor. Well, there are many advantages we can take from the existence of escalators. They have the capacity to transport a large number of people without any waiting time interval. When we are at a rush hour, escalator will be very helpful. Besides, a good architectural work on escalators will create a nice look to the building. Thus, now you can find numerous shapes and sizes of escalators which may attract your attention. You really want to see them? Okay, now please enjoy the following stunning escalator designs from around the world.

Prague Subway Escalators
The Prague Metro is a subway, underground public transportation network in Prague, Czech Republic.(deviantart)
Pompidou Center Escalator
The the giant external escalators in Pompidou Center, Paris. (
London Underground Escalator
The London Underground (often shortened to the Underground) is a rapid transit system in the United Kingdom. (wikipedia)
Metro Escalators Copenhagen Subway Mall
Escalators in a Copenhagen Metro station, Denmark. (
Komsomolskaya escalator
Escalators in Komsomolskaya, a Moscow Metro station in the Krasnoselsky District, Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow.(
Kiev Metro Escalator
The escalator tunnel in Kiev Metro Station, Ukraine. (
Escalators in Atrium
The escalators in Lloyd's building, the city of London. (
Ballys Outdoor Escalator
Ballys Outdoor Escalator. This picture's taken of Ballys Escalator that is outside with no steps in Las Vegas. (

Grand Central Escalator
Escalators in the main hall of New York City's Grand Central Station. (deviantart)

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