Turn Your White Living Room into A Unique and Chic Space Like This

white green yellow chic living room

White is a great choice of color for a living room. Yet, sometimes people feel tired of their old white living room and want to replace it with other color. If you feel so, we recommend not to¬† change the overall of you existing living room. You can be more creative by adding new touches to your space through the floor, wall arts, furniture, lighting, and many more. At the very first time, you can try introduce a glow of orange or a pop of green via area rugs, lampshades, cushion covers, accessories, or other things that are easy to change if you get bored later. If you are satisfied and comfortable with the change you made, you can continue to the furniture. You can consider put a piece of colored furniture there or the deep rich wood tone one to add a warm and neutral touch. Next, it is the time to do something with the walls. If you want to add a splash of color to your backdrop, you can consider painting a canvas in you accent color or invest in a complimentary piece of art. Well, there are always some easy and challenging ways to make your living space more alive. The following are some pictures of modern white living room with beautiful accents. Click on the image for a larger version. Find more information about these pictures on Home Designing‘s site.

orange accent living room

retro white orange green living room

modern neutral living room

white living room

modern white green aqua blue living room

modern white living room with colorful accent art

industrial ulititarian living space

black white living room with yellow chandelier 

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