Two Colors for Great Living Room Color Schemes

Pink White Living Room Design Idea
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Some of you might get confused when choosing or combining colors for your living room. You might also wonder what colors are suitable for it. One way to determine the color for your living room is by adjusting it to the theme of the whole interior design of your house.

Or, you can use your favorite color. For instance, if you like light colors, you can paint your living room with those colors. Thus, you can feel a cheerful and warm impression within the room. If you want to apply softer colors which have a peaceful impression, you can choose some colors such as green or blue which has the calming and peaceful effect.

The selection of living room colors is not only about the aesthetic of the space, but also about the comfort of the users. Furthermore, colors also have psychological effects on humans. Thus the application of color should in a balanced and appropriate composition.

Some people think that to create a room which has distinctive characters they have to combine various colors. Yet, this idea is not always true. We don’t need to always use a lot of colors; one or two colors indeed can highlight the characters and styles of an interior design when the colors are applied properly. If you don’t really like monochromatic color pallets which only adapt one color, then you can add one more color as an accent.

For instance, you can use white as the main color of your living room and combine it with brown as the accent color. The way to determine the color composition is relatively simple. One color as the basic color, and its gradation as the filler. For the accent color, you can use a contrast color. It would not be that striking since the composition of the accent color is not that much. Like the basic color, you can also apply some gradations of the accent colors.

If you are interested to design a living room with a composition of two colors, the following living room design ideas with great color schemes might inspire you.

Black White Living Room Design Idea
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Brown White Living Room Design Idea
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