Type of Termites and How to Prevent Them

Termites on Termites are social insects which are widely regarded as pests and able to harm to human life. Termites nest in the soil and feed on wood, furniture or house frame made of wood so that they cause a lot of economic loss. There are three types of termites, namely:

1. Drywood termites
These termites are found on dry wood. This species is less dependent on water resources and does not need to search for food in the soil.

2. Damp wood termites
Damp wood termites eat rotten wood, such as wood from trees that have fallen. These termites nest in the soil with low humidity.

3. Subterranean termites
They are social insects which like to stay in groups and form colonies in very large quantities. They generally stay below the soil surface and damage the structure of the building without being detected through a hidden path that is barely noticeable in the foundation of walls or floor.

Because the presence of termites can be very disturbing, you need prevent termites from harming your home. Here’s how:

1. Choose wood properly
The selection of the wood to be used as a frame or other furniture is the first step towards the prevention of termites. There are two types of wood we recommend to decorate the interior of your home; the teak wood  and mirabow wood. Both types of wood are not preferred by termites. Teak is very hard so that termites find it difficult to eat it. Meanwhile, mirabow produces a distinctive smell that is not favored by termites. Most importantly, mirabow also contains substances that are toxic to fungi and termites.

2. Avoid damp
Damp place is a favorite place to breed for termites. Therefore, make sure there is not leak in your home. If there is a leak in the roof or waterways, immediately fix it.

3. Leave a gap between furniture or wood furniture to the floor
Since termites breed for the first time under the house, you need to provide a gap between items made ​​of wood and the floor. For the store room, for instance, you can coat the floor with plastic before putting your goods there.

4. Recognize the signs of termite infestation
It is important to recognize termite infestation, and immediately deal with it before the termites manage to damage your wood furniture. The signs of termite attack can be either wood splinters and holes everywhere. There will be a kind of small clumps like mud stuck to the wood. In addition to both of these things, another sign that indicates termite infestation is the appearance of winged termites.

5. Injection of anti termite
It is necessary to consider using anti-termite injection to prevent termites. As a precaution action, injection is usually done before the house is build by injecting anti-termite into the soil so that termites do not have a place to grow under the house. This anti-termite injection usually lasts up to 5 years.

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