Understanding the Types of Minimalist Home Design Characters

Modern Minimalist Bedroom Interior DesignMinimalist design has a simple character. Instead of filling space with different types of furniture, minimalist home designs are more focused on limiting the amount of furniture, but with the emphasis on higher quality or with sentimental value. Minimalist interior design practitioners had defined the meaning of minimalist home design, and then found out that the character of a minimalist house has a certain degree at its level of minimalism.

In general, the character of minimalist home design can be described as follow:

  • More emphasizing on quality over quantity (decoration and furniture)
  • Having a clear surface area
  • Careful selection of decorative element.

Then, based on the degree of minimalism, the character has been divided into several principles namely extreme minimalist, medium minimalist, and light minimalist. Here is the explanation.

Extreme minimalist

  • Only putting the basic furniture. Almost no additional decoration
  • All surfaces are clean, not covered by other elements on the walls, floor or ceiling.
  • Effective placement of lights and other functional small elements
  • No carpets or extra furnishing if not really necessary
  • Installing simple white curtains if needed
  • Simply clear and striking.

Medium minimalist

  • There is additional furniture that is simple and not dominant such as a side table made ​​of wood.
  • It has a simple decor too which can be in the form a blank canvas hung above the bed.
  • All things a place, but displayed hidden in drawers and shelves.
  • There is a little touch that makes an impact on the rest of the room and enhances the atmosphere of the room, such as a large chandelier and a carpet tucked under the bed.
  • The surface of the wall looks pretty clear and dominant, but added with a little decoration and usually only one in each wall side.

Light minimalist

  • The color scheme is simple but has dared to play with other colors which remain soft and cozy.
  • The surface of the wall is not very clean. There are already more decorative elements which are kept well-organized.
  • There are walls’ surfaces which left empty.
  • There come other furniture elements as additional decoration.

Well, those are the character distribution at the minimalist interior design. Which one is the most suitable for you? Hopefully the above guide is useful for you in expressing minimalist style in your home.

Image credit: bs2h.com 

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