Understanding the Essence of a Minimalist Home

Minimalist Interior DesignDon’t define a minimalist home wrongly. So far we just want to have a home in a minimalist style. Yet, the essence of a minimalist home is not merely about the architecture. To apply the minimalist concept, we also need to follow the appropriate lifestyle.

What is a minimalist home?
Minimalist homes refer to the lifestyles of the owners. The essence of minimalist buildings is actually inspired by Zen lifestyle which comes from Japan. In Zen lifestyle, it is said that the less things we use, the more comfort we get. That’s why there is only few colors applied in a minimalist home. In the interior decoration we also only place any furniture that is useful.  

In the family room, for instance, we don’t need to place many chairs and sofas. Even if it is possible, just put carpets and some cushions as a place to sit. It works the same with the bedroom in which if you want a minimalist bedroom, just use futon like Japanese do. We can fold the futon and store it when not in use. In that way, the room can be used for another activity, functional. The point is that the less stuff we have the more minimalist home we get.

As what we have known so far, people regard a minimalist style as a trend. Meanwhile it is more identical with a lifestyle which finally affects the home design and architecture. If your lifestyle is not minimalist, you must not feel comfortable living in a minimalist home. So, before deciding to build a minimalist house, understand what it is first and make sure that you will feel comfortable with it.

image credit: finalarchitecture.com 

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