Use these Items to Create Your Own Dream Hotel Bedroom

Hotel Room Decoration with Ocean ViewThere are many reasons why a lot of people really dream of a bedroom like a hotel bedroom design. The key to get such a bedroom is the impression of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere which is always created by the decor and all the items in the hotel room.

A British interior designer, Emily Henderson, has tips to organize your bedroom to look like a hotel room. It’s easy. Simply combine luxury item details with the corner of the room that will provide comfort and serenity. Ready to change your bedroom?

1. Painting
You would really like a nice series of wall gallery. For the bedroom, simply hang a painting that can create the feel of a warm and eclectic atmosphere at the same time. But do not let the painting mess up with your focus.

2. Headboards
The hotel bedrooms generally have large and protruding headboards. If buying a new bed is an expensive option, you can make it yourself at home. Use materials such as wood with the appropriate color.

3. Combination of pillowcase patterns
There are no restrictions in choosing and mix and match colors and patterns of your cushions. Put three pairs of  pillow with different sizes and patterns, a pair of big plain pillow with peach color, another pair of medium pillow with monochromatic color and abstract pattern. And another pair of colorful and playful patterned pillows in a  medium size.

4. Lights
No need to buy a luxurious and expensive light. Simply use a unique light to make your bedroom way more stylish.

5. Bedside table and chairs
Put the nightstand beside the bed to put a light. Then, select a medium-sized seating in an urban minimalist style. Do not forget to choose bright colors and materials like suede or corduroy.

6. Unique carpet
Choose a mini or medium sized carpet, and put it on a place which is easy to look to give a different impression. The use of colors and motifs are highly recommended for the carpet.

7. Unique dresser
This is the reason why the boutique-style hotel is different from other luxury five-star hotels. Simply put a pair of chairs and a table with an ethnic and ancient theme. Add one or two items in a modern style as a balancer.

Just by using and arranging the things you love, you’ve got a bedroom as a comfortable hotel bedroom design. No you can sleep soundly in your hotel!

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