Useful and Easy Tips to Design a Garage

Cool Garage Interior Design with Green WallA garage serves not only as a place to protect your vehicle from the dust, rain, or excessive direct sunlight, but also as an element to enhance the look of your home. Thus, you need to consider the design of the garage carefully to make your home look way more attractive.

For those of you who want to build a garage at home, you need to make sure that the garage design is suitable with the style of the home. For instance, if you have a minimalist home design, then you should build a garage with a minimalist style too. That way, the existence of the garage will enhance the aesthetic value of the house.

There are five things you need to consider before building a garage:

  1. Size. The size of the garage should be adjusted to your need. Think of how many bikes or cars you own and consider the available space.
  2. Safety. You should choose a strong garage door which is also able to enhance the look of the house. There are many garage door options available at markets, such as rolling door, sliding door, folding door, and electric door operated by a remote control.
  3. Floor. This area requires a careful consideration since it will deal with dust, spilled oil, or water droplets from the car’s air conditioning. Thus, you need floor material which is strong and easy to clean. Ceramics would be a good choice. Choose not slippery ceramics (unpolished) with bright colors.
  4. Colors. The color of the garage should match the color of the house. That way, you will get a harmonious exterior home design.
  5. Adequate air ventilation. This element is often overlooked. Make sure the air circulation inside the garage flows smoothly. Create air grilles in the garage door right in front of the car exhaust muffler so that the exhaust gases can be directly flushed out. In addition, the air vent on the right side or left side above the entrance also needs to be considered. This ventilation is useful not only to smooth the air circulation, but also to throw out dust and other particles that move up from the car.

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