Useful Feng Shui Tips for Home

Japanese Style Interior DesignAccording to Feng Shui, the direction of your house and also its shape are believed to have influences on your performance and behavior. It means that different people will have different Feng Shui application for home. Well, to make it easier to apply Feng Shui in your home, here are some general tips that you can apply:

Wind direction  
Make sure that your house faces a good wind direction. To find out the good direction of your home, you can see a Feng Shui expert.

Main door
One important thing you need to consider is not to place any object containing negative energy beside the main door of your house. Some examples of objects that have negative energy are brooms, slippers, and shoes. If you cannot avoid putting shoes, slippers, or brooms next to or near the main door, you need to make sure that those objects are clean. Also, make sure they are not blocking access to the main door. A good main door, according to Feng Shui, is a door which is wide open to let the air flows smoothly. That way the flow of positive energy will go smoothly as well.

For the bedroom, it’s better for you to avoid placing a mirror in it, especially when the mirror position is opposite to the bed. Such a position is believed to lead problems in household affairs due to the presence a third party. In addition to the mirror, you also need to not put ¬†electronic devices in your bedroom because their presence can bring negative energy. Your bedroom should have a solid wall so that you can rest well. As a result, when you wake up, your body and mind will feel fresh.

Fountain and aquarium
It is definitely a good idea to put water elements such as an aquarium or fountain in your home. Choose the right location for a fountain or aquarium to be effective in terms of the function and aesthetic value. If you prefer the aquarium as the water element in your home, the aquarium should be placed in the correct place. The proper placement of the aquarium can bring great fortune. Conversely, an improper placement of aquarium can cause enormous losses. Do not forget to clean the aquarium regularly because a dirty aquarium can be a source of negative Chi.

It is important for you to not build a bedroom above your kitchen (in the two-story house) because the kitchen can cause heat. The stove should also not deal directly with washing machine, refrigerator, toilet, and sink (objects that contain the element of water). Water and fire put in an opposite place can lead to conflicts among the occupants.

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